If I had a dollar….

For every time I hear….. After a great week of meetings with business associates, clients and prospects, I am continually amazed at the stories I hear.  There is an overwhelming amount of web developers, videographers and social media experts that just take the money and run.  Story telling of paying for a service and then […]

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So I had a meeting with one of my two networking groups this morning and then met one of the members for coffee afterwards.  We got into  an interesting conversation about how we network and make connections.  I was glad to hear that his perspective was similar to mine,  it is about introducing people to […]

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Well that seems to be a buzz word for generation Y.  Whether that is a compliment or a criticism depends on which side of the fence you sit on.  I was at the whole foods on North Ave over the weekend (note to self, don’t go there on sundays) and the store and their traffic […]

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You can’t always get what you want…

I know, famous words from Mick & Keith.  We are all guilty of it, I want the best, I want it now but I want the best deal possible.  It is funny how this theme continues to be replayed over and over.  I was driving out to a client appointment today with a co-worker that […]

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stanley cup


It is a strong word, one that my wife constantly reminds me of when I get stressed out about a new business pitch.  Where is your intention,  She asks?  What is it that you want from this project, or client or new talent?  “You know that if you open yourself up to where this could […]

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Bad art

The Cost of Talent

WOW, that’s all I could say after reading an email from a person who I was “partnering” with.  She is a PR professional that has her own 1 person shop, who I thought would make a great partner to pitch together to new clients.  So I get an email from her yesterday telling me that […]

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Do you really need a proof with that Burger?

OK, so most prepress studios haven’t added burgers and fries to their offerings ( at least not yet) but the proof question has been circulating for several years.  Can I trust my monitor or do I absolutely need a contract proof to approve color?   I am not endorsing one product or another, but to start […]

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I love my job

Yes I know that sounds a bit trite, but true.  Today I met with a former co-worker that I haven’t seen in about 10 years.  It was great to hear of his success of starting his own agency and to hear about his family that wasn’t a part of his life the last time we […]

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