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After a great week of meetings with business associates, clients and prospects, I am continually amazed at the stories I hear.  There is an overwhelming amount of web developers, videographers and social media experts that just take the money and run.  Story telling of paying for a service and then being ignored when they need that service.  Here are some of the this week’s crimes against client service.

  • Law firm paid for web design/development, site is up, each time they need a change they have to try and find the webmaster and get him to make the change.  He charges them a minim hourly fee and then will maybe do it.  The last time they have talked to him was 3 years ago.  He was also managing their videos which he refuses to hand over to them for other use.
  • Videographer shoots video of the client all over the world, when she wants to to get edited version for multiple uses, he falls off the face of the earth, refusing to return calls or emails.
  • Social media/seo expert, sets up plan to manage and write blog, FB and linked posts, charges them a monthly retainer and then disappears.
It is so frustrating to see these companies continue to get work and give the rest of us a bad name.  I guess the lesson is that you can’t project your work ethic and approach to client service on other practitioners.  I hope if you are looking for a business service you do your  homework and talk to former or existing clients to see how they really deliver the goods, or if they just  take off in the deliver van.

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