On the line


Well that seems to be a buzz word for generation Y.  Whether that is a compliment or a criticism depends on which side of the fence you sit on.  I was at the whole foods on North Ave over the weekend (note to self, don’t go there on sundays) and the store and their traffic challenged parking garage were packed.  As I sit waiting for the person in front of me to wait for their parking space a 2o something D-Bag in an luxury SUV passes me on the right almost hitting the car backing out and deposited his car in an illegal space and then into the store.  Because HE WANTED to.

Aside from being PO’d I didn’t think much of it until my 8 year old daughter called him out for not waiting his turn and “breaking the rules”.  I have to say I breathed a sign of relief, I’m not sure what her generation is yet (gen A)  but maybe their is hope!  I like to believe that my wife & I are doing a good job raising both of our kids, giving them a moral compass and how to be responsible people in this world.   I hope this generation moves back to the ideals of playing by the rules and waiting your turn and not be driven by wanting it now, no matter the cost.

With that I keep this hope alive through the holiday season when both Santa Claus and Hannukah Harry make a visit to our house.



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